Baba Yaga the Witch

a Musical Adventure based on a Russian fairy tale

baba yaga's hut
baba yaga the witch
Baba Yaga the Witch
the firebird
The Firebird
kosschay the deathless
Kosschay the Deathless
the fountain of youth
The Fountain of Youth





Baba Yaga flies through the air in her mortar, steering with a pestle and
sweeping up her tracks with a broom. Little Vassilisa's cruel stepmother
sends the clever girl through the forest to her aunt's house to borrow a
needle and thread. But Baba Yaga catches her and forces her to cook meals,
scrub the floors, and weave at the loom. Only Vassilisa's kindness to
Baba Yaga's cat, dog, and birch tree can save her. Bouncy songs, spooky
sounds and the voices of the witch and her animals bring this adventure to life.
For children ages 5 and up

Total time 20 minutes


baba yaga the witch

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Listen to Samples:



Baba Yaga Song

What is That Smell?

Mornings are Wiser than Evenings


The music in our stories was performed by a live orchestra.


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An entertaining yarn with vivid sound effects and vocal performances...
The music is an effective pastiche of orchestral instrumentation and
percussive jazz rhythms.
Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times

Baba Yaga the Witch is just perfect for Halloween, a radio play complete
with bouncy songs such as "Happily Ever After."
Nancy Hewitt, L.A. Daily News


Recommended by L.A. Parent Magazine